Soul Healing Newsletter

3rd edition,

July 2023

3rd edition, July 2023

Greetings Beautiful Soul

WelcOMe my angel to your Soul Healing Newsletter!

Can you believe it? It's the THIRD edition already! 😃 and this one is filled with more SoulFun adventures from sacred places and nature sanctuaries filled with mana and I'm so excited to share with you. Imagine that you are there and I invite you to practice the quantum technique I shared with you in a previous workshop to connect with the energies through pictures. It is possible! I know you can do it.

In this edition you will also find a channeled poem and an empowering statement that I trust you will LOVE.

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Our monthly publication also serves as a hub where you can find out about any events coming up and access the growing library of Soul Healing resources. Every tool shared with you is available when you need it the most and our newsletter is one of the best places to find what you need.

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This Month's Highlights:

👼 Angels Gate Academy

🪽 Soul Healing Summit Season III

😇 Channeled Poem

🧘🏻‍♂️ New Soul Healing Journey

🛟 Soul Healing Resources

🔔 Announcements!

🤸 SoulFun Adventures

💞 Unite in Love - mass meditation

Dear soul, this came to me like a force from another realm…


Personal Mission


Through my spiritual journey

Through years of Breakthru’s of tears and transformation

Through lifetimes of rebirths and becOMing

I was still searching for answers that would feed my Soul

I had reinvented myself so many times

Searching for that ultimate truth

Reading thousands of books

And learning from The Best

Have you?

If you are reading this,

Chances are, you have been searching too

With every step feeling that you are almost there

Just to find yourself at crossroads again

I had been searching for The Truth

Embodying my truth

Breathing my truth

Just to realize

There are as many truths

As people exist in this world

Yet we tend to gravitate towards those

Who have similar truth as us

Due to media, referrals,

The movement of the masses

And hopefully the day will cOMe

When you turn off all those truths

And go Deep INside

Deep into your own infinity

Be ONE with your Soul

And ask what is your truth

As that is the only truth

I invite you to live by

Cancel out the noise

The external perceptions

The behavior of the Masses

And Connect with your SOUL

Because that is why we reincarnated here in the first place

Not to get so cut up in The Doing of this Matrix

But to break free

And becOMe whole

💫BecOMe one with your Soul

And bring heaven on earth,

REMEMBER why you’re HERE💫

Completing my journey of reinventing myself

I will leave you with...My Truth

The truth that breathes through me

Roaring with every step I take

The one that drives me

When others are sleeping

The one that lights me up

In the moments of darkness

💫My truth is that I came Here NOW

To Lead the RISE of the Divine Feminine

And Activate the Divine Masculine

To break free of this construct!!!💫

That is my Truth

That is my Purpose

That is my Life

That is my BecOMing

And if you got to this point

If you made it so far!!!

And you Feel the OPENING in your heart,

Then this message is for YOU

To answer the call

And UNITE with your Soul family

To find your own truth

To find your way back hOMe to you

*take what's yours and leave the rest.

I love when epiphanies like this come through for us and even more so because they serve as an empowering and insightful awakening into broader levels of awareness. The most important thing to remember is to develop a sense of sensitivity to catch the subtle messages the Angels have for you. And as part of the soul healing community you are well ahead in you soul evolution so keep actively developing your intuition...

To help you with that, the Angels also have for you the following meditation...

Soul Healing Journey

A channeled meditation for your soul. Best enjoyed in a quiet tranquil space where you feel relaxed, safe, and at ease.

Are you ready to allow your Divine light in and feel what it feels like to be enlightened?

Then press play!

Every month you will have access to a new Soul Healing Journey like the one above. You can repeat it several times to help you clear, activate, and integrate the subtle angelic soul frequencies.

Soul Talk

These Soul Talks that you will find on our youtube channel are meant to help and guide you in these confusing times.

This one is personal to my heart and I trust you will find a big part of yourself that is Ready to come hOMe

Play it now!

If you are Ready for some Soul Healing Magic and live channelings⬇️

Live Group Session

This is your chance to join us Live on zoom and be up to date with all the changes on the Celestial level that will help you navigate through the density of this 3D reality

Adventures of the Month!

🦄 SoulFun! 😃✨


”I got to see Rodney from from our Summit 2

And if you haven’t experienced his activating poem, be sure to dive into the vip playlist from our second season.

Are you ready to go on our SoulFun adventures?

The itinerary will take us to magical natural healing and sacred places... just what our Guides recommend for our soul.

Let's go to the first location!

Wild Hot Springs

by Yosemite

California, USA

I found a natural hot springs! 🤩 In the wild while hiking...

Imagine healing here!

The waters are so pure and nourishing at all levels.

My beautiful angel, you are allowed to have fun and take your inner child on adventures!

So let's go to the next one...

Lake Davis

Lake Davis, CA 96122, USA

The energies and air are so clean they instantly raise your vibration!

The trees speak in subtle languages your soul innerstands.

Feeling the expansion in my heart witnessing this view.

And I found a plethora of medicinal mushrooms.

Click to play!

Click to play!

Life is an adventure no matter where you might find yourself. So why not be curious and explore the places around you and allow yourself to be surprised. And remember that I'm taking you with me anywhere I go. Our next adventure together is full of mana specially calibrated for you.

Let's go to...


Sedona, AZ 86336, USA

Welcome to Sedona!


...after a climb to the summit of the BellRock Vortex

Where do you go to...

I love Sedona!

~ To be continued... ~

What #soulfun adventures do you have planned for this month?

Please share with everyone in our Soul Healing Club!

My beautiful soul, I trust you have enjoyed the pictures of my SoulFun Adventures. Stay tuned for next month's newsletter and feel free to share with our community, or directly with me, your thoughts and comments about our Soul Healing Newsletter.

Is there anything in particular that you would love to see in a future publication?

🔔 Announcements 🔔


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Angels Gate Academy

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We have weekly live Activations, soul Journeys, exclusive Workshops and some of the best Quantum Technology for your Spiritual Evolution. And on the first Saturday of the month we have a special Q&A session and individualized healing.

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Soul Healing Summit Season III

Find your healing modality!

These are the most powerful and Activating interviews and they are intended to Awaken Humanity to a NEW way of being Infinite, Sovereign and free 🙌🧘🏼‍♀️💫


Unite in Love

This is a Mass Meditation to heal our hearts and Raise the Vibration of the planet 💫🧘🏼‍♀️✨ Simply tune in Live at (9am PST / 12pm EST) every 4th Sunday of the Month!

Get notified for our Next Unite in LOVE meditation.

The next Livestream is on July 30th @9am PST / 12pm EST

Angels Gate Academy Q&A

Every first Saturday of the month our Angels Gate Academy members participate in a live Q&A and hands on Healing session with Veronica and the Angel Guides to answer any questions, receive healing, and more... It's an intimate gathering of our soul community and you can participate when you join AGA.


SoulFun Memes

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