soul healing Newsletter

Soul Healing Newsletter

1st Edition, May 2023

Greetings Beautiful Soul

Welcome my angel to the first ever Soul Healing Newsletter!

I LOVE our soul family and community🧘🏼‍♀️ Our Angel Guides inspired this newsletter where you can find a monthly channeled message, meditation, and wealth of soul helpful resources. You will have a peek on the latest SoulFun adventures the angels have for us.

Plus, you will also receive first notice of any upcoming events so you can join and get involved.

soul healing

This Month's Highlights:

📝 First Soul Healing Newsletter!

👼 Angel's Monthly Message

🧘🏻‍♂️ Channeled Soul Healing Journey

⏯️ Summits replay

🛟 Access Soul Healing Resources

🔔 Announcements!

🤸 SoulFun Adventures

💞 Unite in Love - mass meditation


Angels' Channeled Message

This is the message I received while hiking in the deep Mystical Forest of Orcas Island:

😇🙌👼 If you were a tree in your past life, there's a good chance that you might have had medicinal mushrooms growing from your trunk such as Chaga, Reishi, Lions Maine Turkey Tail and more!

All these mushrooms are super powerful from the energy they absorb from the tree's life force. Therefore that energy can be transformed from that tree to the mushroom, and eventually to you.

If you feel that you were a tree in your past life, then consuming medicinal mushrooms can enhance your life force and strengthen your body. 💫

*take what's yours and leave the rest.

I love when epiphanies like this come through for us and even more so because they serve as an empowering and insightful awakening into broader levels of awareness. The most important thing to remember is to develop a sense of sensitivity to catch the subtle messages the Angels have for you. And as part of the soul healing community you are well ahead in you soul evolution so keep actively developing your intuition...

To help you with that, the Angels also have for you the following meditation...

Soul Healing Journey

Channeled meditation for your soul. In today's journey my intention for you is to clear debris and old patterns and old ways of responding and allow yourself to embrace the very best thing for you now. As empaths we pick up a lot of energies that are not ours and our fields become very dense. Today you can transmute any density in your field into love and light and allow yourself to bloom into the best version of you.

Every month you will have access to a new Soul Healing Journey like the one above. You can repeat it several times to help you clear, activate, and integrate the subtle angelic soul frequencies.

Adventures of the Month!

🦄 SoulFun! 😃✨

Look at what I found in the forest!

Which also came with the channeled Angels' message as I embraced a precious tree BEing. Don't you love hugging trees and their mushroom gifts?


And on the way back home a majestic field of tulips -- look at those colors!

And the moon shining in all her glorious beauty bathing with soul healing energies the fields, my eyes, and my heart.

What #soulfun adventures have you enjoyed this month?

Please share with everyone in our Soul Healing Club!

Orcas Island Adventure

Orcas Island, Washington, USA

Play this video and listen 😊

Living amongst the trees in a Tree House 🥰

Look at the brilliance of the Moon 🌕

I love nature! 🌳🍄🌻🍀

You can see all the way to Canada from the highest point on the island!

My beautiful soul, I trust you have enjoyed the video and pictures of my SoulFun Adventures around Orcas Island. Stay tuned for next month's newsletter and feel free to share with our community or with me your thoughts and comments about our Soul Healing Newsletter.

Is there anything in particular that you would love to see in a future publication?

🔔 Announcements 🔔


The Soul Aligned Leader

Thrive as an awakened Soul-aligned leader; Alchemize your purpose & embody your gifts through your unique, service-based business!
15-25 May 2023


The Wellbeing Summit

I am also a featured speaker at this summit where you can explore wellbeing beyond nuts, granola, spas, and yoga.
May 8-21


Unite in Love

This is a Mass Meditation to heal our hearts and Raise the Vibration of the entire planet 💫🧘🏼‍♀️✨ Simply tune in Live at (9am PST / 12pm EST) every 4th Sunday of the Month!

Get notified for our Next Unite in LOVE meditation.
Livestream on May 28th @12pm EST


Soul Healing Summit II

The second season is out! My beautiful soul, are you ready to find your healing modality?

Sign up for the summit today and enter your soul healing center, a sanctuary where you can experience healing from 12 master healers.

You can still join today.

AGA Community Q&A

In addition to our weekly workshop, every first Saturday of the month our Angels Gate Academy members participate in a live Q&A and hands on Healing session with Veronica and the Angel Guides to answer any questions, receive healing, and more... It's an intimate gathering of our soul community and you can participate when you join AGA.

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