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WelcOMe my angel to our Soul Healing Newsletter!

In this edition you will find out about the newest and latest. Come join me on my soulfun adventures and imagine you are there with me feeling the bliss and grace the magical places have to give you. There's a new channeled Angel's message, and a soul healing meditation to "Activate Your Angelic Light".

Our monthly publication also serves as a hub where you can find out about any events coming up and access the growing library of Soul Healing resources. Every tool shared with you is available when you need it the most and our newsletter is one of the best places to find what you need.

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This Month's Highlights:

👼 Angels Gate Academy

🤣 SoulFun Memes

😇 Channeled Angel's Message

🧘🏻‍♂️ New Soul Healing Journey

🛟 Soul Healing Resources

🔔 Announcements!

🤸 SoulFun Adventures

💞 Unite in Love - mass meditation

💫 Summits & Interviews


Angels' Channeled Message


Today let me be the shining star I was as a child.

The star that fills the entire room

The voice that penetrates through the walls of your heart

The ears that absorb the euphoric sound of this earth

We are so lucky, I sigh...

We are so lucky to be Here, Now

As luck is but truly…

Preparation meeting opportunity.

We are in the moment of Ascension.

This very PRESENT moment Now

Is our opportunity to becOMe

All that we could BE!

Are you prepared my beautiful soul?

Are you Expansive in your ways?

Allowing the fullness of your soul to come back to you?

Is your heart wide OPEN as big as your city,

To take all the beauty and LOVE in?

Because the opportunity is here

The opportunity to BE is knocking at your door.

Open the gate to your King/Queendom

And allow the MAGIC to show up in your life.

Walk outside with a heart wide Open

To LOVE the Abundance everywhere

To LOVE the Joy of every child’s laughter

To LOVE the freedOM of every Butterfly

A life so short lived, yet full of beauty!

I invite you Today to begin building your Life

The way it was meant to BE

The ONE worth Living for

As you are a true Dream


*take what's yours and leave the rest.

I love when epiphanies like this come through for us and even more so because they serve as an empowering and insightful awakening into broader levels of awareness. The most important thing to remember is to develop a sense of sensitivity to catch the subtle messages the Angels have for you. And as part of the soul healing community you are well ahead in you soul evolution so keep actively developing your intuition...

To help you with that, the Angels also have for you the following meditation...

Soul Healing Journey

A channeled meditation for your soul. Best enjoyed in a quiet tranquil space where you feel relaxed, safe, and at ease.

Are you ready to allow your divine light in and feel what it feels like to be enlightened?

Then press play!

Every month you will have access to a new Soul Healing Journey like the one above. You can repeat it several times to help you clear, activate, and integrate the subtle angelic soul frequencies.

Adventures of the Month!

🦄 SoulFun! 😃✨

When you choose to immerse yourself in Nature, she welcOMes you with open arms and a treasure trove of healing gifts that nourish every level of your being.


It's amazing what sensations and insights we can receive inside the trunk of an ancient tree. The stories it has to tell and share with you are vast, deep, and full of wisdOM.


Have you ever meditated inside a tree trunk like this?

Even if it's an old tree stump, when you sit on it and close your eyes you can still Feel the tree's presence and Energy.

Softly and gently gaze at the waterfall and focus on feeling the flow of the healing waters washing away and cleansing your energy. I went exploring a waterfall in Washington called "Twin Falls." Look at the pictures and feel Mother Nature's loving embrace.


I could've stayed there forever observing, feeling, and listening to Nature's voice through the trees, the water, and breathing in the crisp clean air...

What #soulfun adventures do you have planned for this month?

Please share with everyone in our Soul Healing Club!

Carmel Valley Adventure

Carmel Valley, CA 93924, USA

I found one of the biggest eucalyptus trees… I love using the leaves for energy cleansing baths.

If you ever wonder where I'll be?

You'll find me in a tree 🌳

The branches look like ballerina dancers...

This is called Lovers Point 💞

Look at the seagulls peacefully enjoying the warm rocks. And the rock formations create such peculiar shapes, There are people who say they see faces of people or animals on rocks, do you see any?

I named this photo “As above so below” as the bottom flowers mirror the tree crown…

My beautiful soul, I trust you have enjoyed the pictures of my SoulFun Adventures. Stay tuned for next month's newsletter and feel free to share with our community, or directly with me, your thoughts and comments about our Soul Healing Newsletter.

Is there anything in particular that you would love to see in a future publication?

🔔 Announcements 🔔


Angels Gate Academy

Your Quantum way to Enlightenment and Self Mastery.

We have weekly live Activations, soul Journeys, exclusive Workshops and some of the best Quantum Technology for your Spiritual Evolution. And on the first Saturday of the month we have a special Q&A session and individualized healing.

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Weekly Channeled Message

✨ LIVE every Monday @6:06AM PDT on YouTube ✨

If you are ready to embark on a transformative journey to unlock the depths of your soul?

Our Angels have a powerful message waiting just for you! Connect with divine energy and unveil the wisdom that resides within you.

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Unite in Love

This is a Mass Meditation to heal our hearts and Raise the Vibration of the planet 💫🧘🏼‍♀️✨ Simply tune in Live at (9am PST / 12pm EST) every 4th Sunday of the Month!

Get notified for our Next Unite in LOVE meditation.

The next Livestream is on June 25th @9am PST / 12pm EST


Quantum Harmony Homes Summit

Join us at the Quantum Harmony Homes Summit Season 12 to be inspired and motivated to create a higher vibrational home for yourself and your family!This is your chance to learn how to align your thoughts and emotions with the vibrational point of attraction from inside the vortex!


Dolphin Divination and Sacred Mayan Healing Soul Magic

I am a guest in this series and I will share a piece to this puzzle of the mysteries of the Soul and Activating the Superhuman!This will help integrate the deep info in this series like ancient Mayan wisdom, dolphin guidance, the healing power of the Cacao spirit and the unconditional Love of the Ancient Mayan goddess Ixchel.

Angels Gate Academy Q&A

Every first Saturday of the month our Angels Gate Academy members participate in a live Q&A and hands on Healing session with Veronica and the Angel Guides to answer any questions, receive healing, and more... It's an intimate gathering of our soul community and you can participate when you join AGA.


SoulFun Memes

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